Wisdom Teachers VR Project

Our Mission:


Wisdom is our path to truth. Wisdom is embodied in the many dedicated people that share truth, which heals our world and its people.  Our mission is intergenerational connection… to engage these individuals, capture heartfelt experiences and provide them to everyone.

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The Wisdom Teachers VR Project captures immersive 3-dimensional encounters with precious individuals providing one-on-one experiences of their perspectives and personal truth – all presented from within their own environs. We refine sound and preserve image fidelity, so their insights come through so deeply that the viewer comes away from the experience feeling more connected to the rest of humanity.

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THIS NOVEL FORM OF TIME CAPSULE provides a near-direct sense of what it’s like to be in the presence of these people — it’s far more immersive that any traditional 2-dimensional experience can convey. You see depth all around you – above, below and behind. You hear not only their voice but the wind, the birds and all the other sounds occurring at the time. Capturing experiences in these individual’s personal spaces (kitchens, gardens, living rooms) provides additional context for the truth they’re sharing… it provides a new way to bring humanity closer to itself, with special focus on connecting inter-generationally to younger people.

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1 person to begin

This project is my calling.
- Gary Yost



100 Wisdom Experiences

The first phase of the project is to create immersive experiences with 100 individuals sharing their truth.



looking 10000 years ahead

Our strategic partnership with the Long Now Foundation and the Internet Archive provides project longevity.

Our Program

In accordance with our partnership with the Long Now Foundation, the Wisdom Teachers VR project has the resources to create, produce and archive these projects for now and into the distant future.


Gary Yost’s background in art and technology combines filmmaking with the invention of 3D animation and visualization software. His unique experience spanning decades, provides the project the essential skillset required to bring these encounters to life.


The Long Now Foundation, Ram Dass, Peter Coyote, Gavin de Becker and others fully endorse the project.


Recently virtual reality has become a truly workable medium. Virtual Reality headsets like the Oculus Go, Quest and Rift, HTC Vive and Vive Pro, Google Daydream and Samsung GearVR are now inexpensive and becoming ubiquitous. State of the art 3D/360° immersive cameras are now available for the first time.


We create fully-immersive experiences in which any person can be embodied with these important cultural icons who are sharing personal stories and teachings in their home environments.


"Gary Yost’s “wisdom teacher” project is an important new use of technology. When done well, the VR experience allows two souls to communicate, it allows love to come through."

~Ram Dass

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