Our Strategic Partner:
The Long Now Foundation

Experts in long-term archiving

The Long Now Foundation was established in 01996 – using its accepted five-digit year format – to balance our civilization’s growing trend toward short attention and short sightedness.  Their purpose is to be the seed that encourages the long view and taking long term responsibility where the long term is measured in centuries at least.

Their 10,000 year clock project is the embodiment of the idea of deep time and The Long Now which begins 10,000 years ago and extends 10,000 years into the future. The associated “Library” and “Long Server” projects are designed to also implement the long view by archiving and serving content for this long term.

The Wisdom Teacher VR Project is grateful to the Long Now Foundation for its commitment to being our strategic partner and providing assistance with the important long-term archival issues.    

posted by Gary Yost - 02.15.02019

posted by Gary Yost - 02.15.02019

Notes on the project as I prepare for a full day of meetings at a Long Now Foundation confab.

I’m meditating on what has driven me so hard to create the Wisdom Teacher VR Project. Here are some thoughts on how to be good ancestors to our descendants...

Beginning with a quote from Abby Smith Rumsey’s “What Do We Have to Lose?” talk at Brown University:

"What is the future of human memory? What will people know about us when we are gone?”

I’d also ask, how can we use the most cutting-edge tools we have now to create unique and long-lived documentation of our most precious resource… people.

The Wisdom Teachers VR Project aims to address a void in current historical capture techniques… context and immersiveness. I envision myself as a sort of Alan Lomax archivist for future generations.

Using immersive tools to capture first person experiences is the most humanist approach to archiving history there is. And these are not films… they are first-person experiences with no editing or mediation. This new medium embodies the most direct way of experiencing what it’s like to sit down face to face with someone in their own environment, their context.

Film & video about historical figures typically focuses on their achievements. The Wisdom Teacher VR Project experiences provide deeper insight because they are opportunities for the subject to make eye contact with the viewer and intimately share what their most important life lessons have been.

Many of these people are aging or health-challenged and some of them are losing their memory. These experiences give them a way to connect with the world long after their memory is gone.

Another perfectly appropriate quote from Abby Rumsey this time from a talk at Google:

"Memory is not about the past… it’s about the future.”

The Wisdom Teacher VR Project gives people of the future the closest thing to a direct first-person experience of what people are like in our present time.

Ending with a question for participants:

What do you want our ancestors to know about who you really are?