Wisdom Teachers VR Project

Wisdom is the Experience of Truth.

The crux of the Wisdom Teachers VR Project is the realization and preservation of the intergenerational experiences that bring humanity closer to itself. It’s an opportunity for viewers to put on the headset and then take it off, knowing themselves more intimately. It’s an experience that the viewer will have left feeling stronger, more relaxed and more connected to those around them. An experience that protects, celebrates, and communicates the hard-earned tools for a happy and wholesome human existence.

Wisdom traditions provide our best hope of finding truth.  We are all both students and teachers to each other, and people who are consciously aware of their own personal truth are essential to our well-being.  Many of these individuals are aging and passing away. It is important for all of us that we preserve this shared legacy and make it available to everyone.

Fortunately, we now have the means to provide direct experiences of what it is to be with them and have them speak to us one-on-one.  Using virtual-reality cameras we can capture and provide fully immersive 3D experiences of their insights, which will be distributed online, freely and non-commercially.    

Immerse Yourself

The Wisdom Teachers VR project is a repository of short immersive experiences with culturally iconic people filmed in the medium of 3D/360° video. Inexpensive mobile VR headsets are used to watch short immersive experiences in which any person can be embodied with these important cultural icons who are sharing from the heart their personal stories and teachings in their home environments. As an established storyteller, this project is my calling.

These experiences are a novel form of time capsule enabling all people, but especially the younger generations who are comfortable with these new technologies, a near-direct sense of what it’s like to be in the presence of these people (who are fortunately still alive today) in a way that’s infinitely more immersive than what flat 2D video provides. Capturing experiences in these individual’s personal spaces (kitchens, gardens, living rooms) provides additional context for the stories and teachings they’re sharing… it gives viewers a more-complete experience at a deeper personal level.


It started here…

"Gary Yost’s “wisdom teacher” project is an important new use of technology. When done well, the VR experience allows two souls to communicate, it allows love to come through."

— Ram Dass