The timing is now.

This is a novel form of time capsule enabling a near-direct sense of what it’s like to be in the presence of these people (who are fortunately still alive today) in a way that’s infinitely more immersive than what flat 2D video provides. Capturing experiences in these individual’s personal spaces (kitchens, gardens, living rooms) provides additional context for the stories and teachings they’re sharing… it gives viewers a more-complete experience of who these very public people are at a deeper personal level.


There are so many people in the world who have wisdom to share, quite a few of whom are nearing the end of their lives. Our long-term goal is to seed the process of making these kinds of experiences with this new generation of virtual reality cameras to many creators, all over the world.

Cost of VR headsets like the Oculus Go has come down into the below $200 range in 2018 and will further drop as scale increases. Estimates for the installed base of headsets capable of immsersively viewing the Wisdom Teacher VR experiences rise to >50 million by 2022.

VR headset sales.png