OUR PROCESS AND THE RESULTING EXPERIENCES STRIVE to embody two people into a shared virtual space – the Storyteller and the Guest. The subject of the Storyteller’s personal narrative is open to the heart-felt truth they wish to share. It may consist of an inspiring life story, a favorite teaching, a guided meditation or a mix, but more than anything it’s their personal truth, spoken from the heart and from their own experience. The Storyteller will be embodied with the Guest as he or she, while wearing a VR headset, virtually occupies the VR camera’s position and is addressed as if they are there sharing the room.


THE SETTING IS WHAT MAKES THESE EXPERIENCES SO POWERFUL because the Guest can look around the room and feel as if they are right there with you. The location is as much a part of the story as the story itself and provides important context with the deepest possible connection. The three-dimensional 360° environment enables the Guest to look around and understand the storyteller from the objects and furniture in the space. This is your place of maximum mojo and we’ll understand you better by sharing that space with you. It might either be the your comfortable space (kitchen, study, or garden) or a location that specifically relates to the story, or both.


WHILE YOU’RE TELLING YOUR STORY I’LL BE HIDING somewhere outside of the space, listening to what you’re saying and making sure everything’s running smoothly. I stay out of the way to keep you from being distracted so you can make a strong 1-to-1 connection with the virtual viewer embodied inside of the camera. Here I am outside of Ram Dass’ garden in Maui while he was speaking to the camera.

What do you want your grandchildren to know about who you really are? We’re happy to send you more details about the process if you contact us here.