Step-by-Step tutorial for watching videos:

Best way: SamsungVR app, which is available for the Oculus, Samsung GearVR and Google Daydream/Cardboard headsets.

  1. Create a Samsung VR account on your computer using your web browser on the website.  In the process of doing that, you will be provided a 4-digit token that you will need to type into the app while in the headset. 

  2. If this is your first time using your new headset, follow the instructions at to configure your Oculus Go and pair it to your phone and your (hopefully high-speed) WiFi network. (If you’ve already done this, skip this step.)

  3. Download the SamsungVR app onto your headset. On the Oculus Go’s screen (in the headset), you’ll use the handheld controller’s trigger to select the Search option in the lower right of the Go’s “dashboard,” then type Samsung into the search field by pointing to the letters on the keyboard screen.  When you have located it, install the Samsung VR app following instructions on the screen.  

  4. You will be asked for the 4-digit token from step #1 to link your account to your phone.  Plug that token into the SamsungVR app in the headset using the controller’s trigger to select the letters and numbers of your token.

  5. In the Samsung VR app, use the triple vertical dot icon (upper right corner) to access the Search function.  Search on “wisdom” and click (using the trigger) on the Channel button.  Follow the WisdomVR channel to have easy access to it and be notified of new experiences. (From then on, you can click on the three dots and just select the Following option.)

  6. Once in the WisdomVR channel, you can select an experience to watch.  

Please note:  If you begin playing a piece and are experiencing streaming issues due to a slow wifi connection, click on the small circular download icon in the upper right of each of the video thumbnails to download the file locally to the headset’s RAM. The extra few extra minutes it’ll take to download the file are more than worth it, and you can free up the space after watching.   

For other headsets use the YoutubeVR app, which is available for the Oculus, HTC Vive/Pro, Samsung GearVR, Google Daydream and Cardboard-style devices.

  1. Save a link to the specific video you want to view from the “here” link that may be noted on various (but not all) of the video information pages to your own Youtube playlist (from your desktop browser, it’s suggested to make a Wisdom Teacher VR playlist to store these in)

  2. Launch YoutubeVR, click on the Subscription page and then on your own Account. The links you’d previously saved to a playlist will be available in the Playlist page.