Peter Coyote

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Join author, actor and Zen priest Peter Coyote and his dogs Chico and Pablo as he shares teachings about the nature of reality and the practice of Zen meditation.

Part 1 - The Dharma — Peter compares two contradictory but useful ways of looking at our world. The first model represents all things as separate and independent where the second model represents all things as being interconnected and dependent. He also discusses meditation practice and how it enables us to account for this contradiction and help eliminate suffering.

Part 2 - The Parable — Peter talks about his experience running the California Arts Council under Jerry Brown. He shares what he learned and how true success comes from aligning with the full community you wish to serve and from discovering what they truly need.

TTo get the most from these experiences, view using an Oculus, GearVR or Google Daydream/Cardboard headset and use the SamsungVR app. For other headsets, watch on YoutubeVR using this link for Part 1 here and Part 2 here add the videos to your custom Wisdom Teachers playlist to access in VR. Need help? Click here.